Aloha! Moanalua Dog Park is the first City & County of Honolulu off-leash dog park*. It was opened in April 2004 through the efforts of the Moanalua Gardens Community Association (“MGCA”) and our representatives. ‘Ilio Hau‘oli Paka means “happy dog park” in Hawaiian. The park was officially nicknamed by Jeanine Shimomura, a Moanalua Elementary School student who won a “Name the Dog Park” contest sponsored by the MGCA. The MGCA initially “adopted” the park and coordinated volunteers to launch the dog park – now we depend on you, the park users, to get involved and make sure the park stays clean and happy. Please acquaint yourself with the rules and etiquette before using the park, as different dog parks have different rules.

*please note that although Moanalua Dog Park is a City & County park, this website was created for your convenience by volunteers at their own time and expense, and the City & County is not responsible for its content.

The Moanalua Dog Park is located next to the tennis and basketball courts in the Moanalua Community Park, situated between the Moanalua Freeway and Puuloa Road, off Mahiole Street.    For directions see MAP.

The park is open 7 days a week during daylight hours, and is closed on Tuesdays until noon for maintenance. For updated information concerning changes in the maintenance schedule or park closures check NEWS.

Moanalua Dog Park is a City & County park, so poop bags are not supplied as they are at the privately-run dog parks (McInerny Park and the Bark Park). Visitors to the City dog parks are required to bring their own clean up bags (see Rule #10). In the same way you would never walk your dogs without bringing a couple of bags, please remember to bring your own bags whenever you visit the park.
Although a handful of volunteers and park users have regularly brought extra bags to stuff in the PVC recycled-bag dispensers, we cannot guarantee that the dispensers will always be full. It is up to the park users to be prepared when visiting the park.
Similarly, the green Dogipot dispenser might not always be full. Although the dispenser was donated for the convenience of the park users, the refill bags are quite expensive and must be ordered in bulk from the mainland. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE DOGIPOT BAGS unless no other bags are available.
Your cooperation will help keep the Moanalua Dog Park clean and free of disease.

Fleas, Ticks & Heartworm
If you are new to Hawaii, you may not know that fleas and ticks are a problem year round, and that heartworm is an important health concern for dogs here. Although the dog park is sprayed occasionally for pest control, we cannot guarantee your dog will not pick up fleas or ticks. We advise you to speak to your veterinarian to learn which products they recommend. Not all products take care of all pests – for example, Revolution is effective only against certain types of ticks, not the brown dog ticks that are prevalent in Hawaii. During the spring and summer months, the number of brown dog ticks increases statewide. Some recommended tick control products are Frontline and K-9 Advantix.
Heartworm is a mosquito-borne disease that can be deadly to an unprotected dog. It is essential that you administer monthly heartworm medication to your dog while living in Hawaii. Some commonly used products are Heartgard, Interceptor, and Sentinel, but again, please speak to your veterinarian about which products are best for your dog and your lifestyle.

Puppies at Dog Parks
Although it is important to begin socializing your dog at an early age, we do not recommend bringing a puppy to the dog park until he or she has had all necessary vaccinations. This would normally be around 4 months old.